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Who we are

We are filmmakers, documentarians, explorers and storytellers, here to reveal the latest discoveries in science and nature.

We create game changing media that enthrals, empowers and above all inspires.

We show how it is
— and how it could be

Combining visual flair and technical innovation, we connect everyone more closely to the natural world.

We work with those on the front-lines of science and conservation across our fast-changing planet, bringing the latest stories to a global audience.

Together with Wild Space Productions, we’re a rapidly growing company. Our core team are:


Biologist by training, storyteller by heart.

James Honeyborne

Creative Director

Director, anthropologist, surfer.

Renée Godfrey

Producer / Director

Producer, seeking new ideas & foreign adventures.

Laura Harris

Development Lead

Creator of short-form, happiest outdoors.

Nicola Brown

Impact Producer

Logistics queen, lover of dogs.

Harri Downes

Production Coordinator

TV & Film Productions

We’re in creative partnership with Netflix to produce a range of science and natural history programming and features.

We work with Wild Space Productions, a production company based in Bristol UK, producing content developed by Freeborne Media, exclusively for Netflix Studios.

Social & Digital

Our award winning team aims to bring powerful and compelling visual experiences to a global audience through our ambitious digital and social media campaigns.

Our clients include: J. Walter Thomson – Sri Lanka, BCW Global, Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau.

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Freeborne is a global community of filmmakers, scientists and creatives. We’re always keen to work with great people – wherever they are.

If you’re interested in joining our production team, we’d love to hear from you.

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